Alpaka Slim Laptop Sleeve 16" - Black

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Slim Laptop Sleeve 16": Sleek Protection for Your Tech Companion

Introducing the Slim Laptop Sleeve 16", a premium accessory designed to offer sleek protection to your 16” laptop, such as the MacBook Pro. This sleeve is not merely a protective case—it’s a lightweight companion ensuring your laptop remains safe from the unexpected tribulations of life while maintaining a slim and stylish profile.

Sustainable Design & Premium Materials

The Slim Laptop Sleeve is crafted from lightweight recycled polyester fabric, generated from discarded and recycled PET bottles, symbolizing our commitment to sustainable elegance and quality. It’s a stylish and eco-friendly choice for those who value environmental conservation and chic design.

Compact & Protective Storage

Designed with a slim and lightweight structure, this sleeve offers easy portability without compromising on protection. It features a water-resistant fabric and a protective corner flap, ensuring your laptop stays safe from bumps, scratches, and unexpected spills.

Advanced Features for Modern Needs

The Slim Laptop Sleeve is enriched with a soft microfleece lining, offering additional protection and care for your laptop. The well-padded structure ensures your tech companion is secure and shielded from potential damages during your commutes or travels.

Discover the Slim Laptop Sleeve 16"

Embark on your journey with a peace of mind and discover the Slim Laptop Sleeve 16", your ideal companion for sleek and secure laptop protection, wrapped in compact elegance. Whether you are commuting, traveling, or simply storing your laptop, the Slim Laptop Sleeve is your perfect companion, blending convenience with style.


The Slim Laptop Sleeve 16" is a representation of sleek elegance and thoughtful protection, designed for those who seek simplicity and security for their tech companion. With its sustainable fabric, innovative features, and slim design, it’s a stylish and secure companion that complements your lifestyle perfectly.

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