Bitplay AquaSeal 01 Sacoche - Grey
Bitplay AquaSeal 01 Sacoche - Grey
Bitplay AquaSeal 01 Sacoche - Grey
Bitplay AquaSeal 01 Sacoche - Grey
Bitplay AquaSeal 01 Sacoche - Grey
Bitplay AquaSeal 01 Sacoche - Grey
Bitplay AquaSeal 01 Sacoche - Grey

Bitplay AquaSeal 01 Sacoche - Grey

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Product description

AquaSeal 02 by bitplay: Your All-Weather Companion for New Adventures

Introducing the evolved AquaSeal 02 by bitplay - a versatile, all-weather bag designed to be your perfect companion whether you're an urban enthusiast or an outdoor adventurer. It features waterproof and water-repellent capabilities, generous capacity, and smart storage spaces, ensuring your belongings are secure and organized, regardless of the weather conditions.

Key Features:

  • Two-in-One Design: Consists of a 100% waterproof front bag and a water-repellent rear bag made of durable CORDURA® fabric.
  • Smartphone-Friendly Front Bag: Allows direct use of your smartphone, protecting it from water while ensuring ease of operation.
  • Large Capacity Rear Bag: Designed with ample space and two inner pockets to organize and categorize your personal belongings effectively.
  • Fidlock® Magnetic Fastener: Joins and secures the front and back bag seamlessly, allowing easy detachment and fastening of the front bag.
  • Safety String & Drain Hole: Installed on the clasps of the front and back bag to prevent accidental falls, and allows excess water to drain away quickly.
  • Seal Zipper: Keeps the front bag airtight using a professional-grade zipper, preventing any water from seeping inside.


  • Color:
    • Front Bag: Dark Grey
    • Back Bag & Combined: Black
  • Dimensions:
    • Front Bag: 235 x 135 x 15mm
    • Back Bag: 260 x 200 x 15mm
    • Combined: 260 x 200 x 20mm
  • Weight:
    • Front Bag: 50g ± 10
    • Back Bag: 110g ± 10
    • Combined: 160g ± 10
  • Material:
    • Front Bag: 420D Nylon, TPU Waterproof Zipper, Magnet
    • Back Bag: CORDURA® 305D, PP, Zipper, Magnet

(Actual color may vary slightly from images. Please refer to the actual product.)

Usage Precautions:

  1. Not Shock-Resistant: AquaSeal 02 is not designed to protect items in the event of drops or falls. Reinforce your items before placing them into the bag.
  2. Waterproof Testing: Test the waterproofing of the front bag before use. bitplay’s warranty does not cover damage to your smartphone or valuables.
  3. Avoid Pressure on Sealed Zipper: Do not press the front bag firmly if the sealed zipper has locked air inside; it could damage the zipper due to inner pressure.
  4. Avoid High Temperatures & Direct Sunlight: To prevent damage to infused parts.
  5. Clean After Submersion: Especially in seawater or salty environments. Wash with clean water and soak for up to 10 minutes, then dry in a cool place.
  6. Fogginess is Normal: When placing your smartphone into the front bag due to sealed air becoming humid and temperature differences when submerged into cold water. Remove your smartphone to resolve this.

Designed for the Modern Explorer:

Whether you're embracing the rhythm of the city or the tranquility of nature, the AquaSeal 02 by bitplay is your reliable companion, offering protection and organization for your belongings, letting you focus on discovering new adventures.