Alpaka Zip Cardholder - Dark Green X-Pac VX21
Alpaka Zip Cardholder - Dark Green X-Pac VX21
Alpaka Zip Cardholder - Dark Green X-Pac VX21
Alpaka Zip Cardholder - Dark Green X-Pac VX21

Alpaka Zip Cardholder - Dark Green X-Pac VX21

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Product description

Zip Cardholder: Sleek, Lightweight, and Ready for Anything

Introducing the Zip Cardholder, a sleek and lightweight pouch meticulously designed to be your go-to companion for every occasion. This compact accessory is not just a cardholder—it's a versatile and secure pouch ensuring your essentials are well-organized and easily accessible, allowing you to be ready for anything life throws your way.

Sleek Design & Sustainable Fabric

The Zip Cardholder is encased in the premium X-Pac® VX21 fabric, available in sophisticated shades of Dark Green, True Red, Coyote Brown, Hot Orange, and Black, representing a harmonious blend of style and durability. Crafted with 100% carbon-neutral fabric, it symbolizes our commitment to sustainable elegance.

Compact & Secure Storage

Designed for those who value convenience and security, the Zip Cardholder offers secure internal storage space for frequently used items like credit cards and bank notes, accommodating 4-12 cards in the main compartment. It also features an internal divider, ensuring meticulous organization of your essentials.

External Slots for Added Convenience

The Zip Cardholder is equipped with an external back slot, providing additional space for up to two cards, and a front external slot designed for everyday carry gear like knives, torches, lighters, or multitools, offering easy access and secure storage.

🌧️ Weather-Resistant & Secure

Navigate confidently through any weather, thanks to the Zip Cardholder’s waterproof YKK aqua guard zippers and weatherproof fabrics, protecting your valuables against the elements. It is also integrated with RFID Blocking Material, safeguarding your sensitive information from unauthorized scans.

Vibrant Interior & Compatibility

The interior of the cardholder is lined with vibrant orange ripstop nylon fabric, adding a splash of color to your carry ensemble. It’s also designed to integrate seamlessly with the HUB Keychain, allowing for organized and efficient access to your keys and accessories.

Discover the Zip Cardholder

Step into the world of sleek convenience with the Zip Cardholder. It’s the ideal companion for those who desire a compact, secure, and stylish way to carry their essentials. Whether you are on the go or at a social event, the Zip Cardholder is your perfect companion, blending convenience with style.


The Zip Cardholder is a representation of sleek elegance and thoughtful convenience, designed for those who seek simplicity and security in their everyday carry. With its sustainable fabric, innovative features, and sleek design, it’s a stylish and secure companion that complements your lifestyle perfectly.

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