Alpaka Zip Clutch - Black X-Pac VX21
Alpaka Zip Clutch - Black X-Pac VX21
Alpaka Zip Clutch - Black X-Pac VX21
Alpaka Zip Clutch - Black X-Pac VX21
Alpaka Zip Clutch - Black X-Pac VX21

Alpaka Zip Clutch - Black X-Pac VX21

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銷售價格 HK$329.00 正常價格
Product description

Zip Clutch: The Essence of Rugged Sophistication and Compact Utility

Introducing the Zip Clutch, a harmonious blend of rugged sophistication and compact utility, meticulously crafted for those who desire practical elegance in a sleek form. This clutch is not merely a carry accessory—it’s a versatile companion designed to ensure that your essentials are securely organized and readily available, wherever your journey takes you.

Robust Design & Eco-Friendly Fabric

Cloaked in the newly unveiled X-Pac® VX21 fabric, available in vibrant hues of True Red, Slate Grey, Dark Green, Hot Orange, and Black, the Zip Clutch epitomizes durability and style. Constructed with 100% carbon-neutral fabric, it symbolizes our unwavering commitment to eco-conscious elegance.

Functional & Organized Storage

The Zip Clutch, with its compact design, offers a realm of organized storage for essentials like credit cards and bank notes, with the ability to accommodate 4-12 cards. It features an internal divider with three pockets, allowing for meticulous organization of your valuables.

Multi-functional External Slots & Detachable Strap

Equipped with three versatile external slots, the Zip Clutch provides additional room for everyday carry items such as phones, pens, or small torches. The inclusion of a detachable hand strap ensures convenient carrying, offering easy adaptability to your needs.

🌧️ Weather-Resistant & Secure

Navigate through any weather with peace of mind, thanks to the Zip Clutch’s array of waterproof features, including YKK aqua guard zippers and weather-resistant fabrics, safeguarding your essentials against the elements. It also integrates RFID blocking material, offering an added layer of protection for your sensitive information.

Colorful Interior & Seamless Compatibility

The clutch’s interior is enriched with vibrant orange ripstop nylon fabric, adding a playful touch to your carry ensemble. It also melds seamlessly with the HUB Keychain, allowing for organized and efficient integration of your keys and accessories.

Explore the World of Zip Clutch

Step into the world of rugged sophistication and discover the Zip Clutch, your ideal companion for organized and secure storage, wrapped in practical elegance. It’s a beacon of style and functionality for those who value compactness and practical elegance.


In Conclusion

The Zip Clutch is a manifestation of rugged sophistication and thoughtful utility. It’s a stylish and secure companion for those who seek simplicity, organization, and elegance in their everyday carry. With its sustainable and durable fabric, innovative enhancements, and sleek design, the Zip Clutch is a statement piece that complements your lifestyle.

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